October Meeting Special Guest

Retired Division of Wildlife Chief Mike Budzik will again be visiting the club at the membership meeting of October 14. Budzik is currently working as a special consultant for the ODNR reporting directly to ODNR Director Jim Zehringer.  Budzik's assignment is to enhance the ODNR outreach to sportsmen and conservation constituent groups such as the Greene County Fish and Game Association. It is part of the effort to not only maintain but also to enhance the ODNR relationship with groups across Ohio.

Budzik will be providing a short update on the ODNR with some new announcements, information on the efforts to pass a non-resident hunting license fee increase in order to capture maximum federal dollars for the Division of Wildlife funding and to hear from our membership. He will be arriving at the club approximately 6:30 PM in order to talk with members prior to the meeting. This is a prime opportunity for us to make our voice heard directly to the ODNR Director's office.  No topic is off limits.

Possible topics include:

  • Division of Wildlife staffing and funding
  • Lifting the 10-horsepower limit on Cowan Lake
  • State Park infrastructure and upgrades, especially for Cowan Lake
  • Use of suppressors while hunting
  • Acquiring additional public hunting areas
  • Shooting and archery range development and improvements

Our club members are being asked their opinion.  Bring your questions and comments to the October membership meeting. Arrive early, enjoy a burger from the grill and present your questions or comments directly to Mike Budzik.  Your voice only counts if you make it heard!

Fall Cleanup Day

October 18th from 8:00 - 5:00 PM

The ranges will be closed from sunset Oct 17 until sunrise on Oct 19th.Only activities related to the Fall Clean-up Day will be permitted on the grounds.

Ruger Ray is looking for some help on the Cowboy Action Range this day. If you want some hours, or just want to help contact Ray at cowboy@gcfng.com

Hunting Rules

Hunting is for members only!
Everyone MUST sign up in clubhouse breezeway prior to going into the fields no matter the species hunted and must sign out with game taken reported.

Opening day (Nov 7th) and Thanksgiving day will be "Split Days" with only 50 hunters allowed in the field at a time. First group hunts from 8:00 AM until 11:30 and the second group from Noon until 5:00 PM. Birds will be set between sessions so everybody has a fair chance at success.

Youth Hunting Day will be held on Sat Nov 15th. No adult hunters, including Bow and Waterfowl, are allowed in the field until 1:00 PM

Please read and understand your Ground Rules prior to coming out to hunt.

New Member Day

At the Board meeting Jan.13, 2015 the Secretary will announce the membership renewals. If the number of vacancies is large enough the Board will vote to have an open registration day to fill those openings.

The probable date would be Sunday, Jan 18, 2015 with the doors opening at noon. This information will be confirmed at the general meeting and posted on the web page Those wishing to join will register on arrival and will receive a ticket entering them in a drawing for the available openings.

Only those wishing to be paid members will get a ticket. This is a family membership but only the person filing the application will be the member of record with signing, voting rights and will be the one required to attend ((2) meetings and perform the required (8) work hours. Tickets will be pulled in groups and those drawn will get a copy of our ground rules, mission statement to review along with the application plus a questioner that is to be completed. They will then return the ground rules and mission statement to the front table then go to the Board room where they will be interviewed and have their paperwork checked for completion.

They will then proceed to the Treasurer where they pay the dues and initiation fee ($214.00) after which they are free to leave. The next group will be called when all loaner materials have been returned to the front table until all openings have been filled.

All applications taken that day will be presented to the Board by their Feb 10th meeting for review/approval. Anyone not approved will receive a notice, with the fees returned, within (3) weeks. Those who do not receive their money back within that period have been approved for membership and can pick up their packets at the General Meeting, March 10th or April 7th. from 6:00 until 7:30 PM.  Only the signing member of record may sign for and receive the packet after providing photo ID. The kitchen will be open so plan on staying for something to eat and getting in one of your meetings all in one trip.

The dates above are subject to change due to bad weather so watch the web for updates. The club is closed when the roads in Greene County reach level 1 so don’t even try under those conditions.
(Revised Sept.25 ,2014)

Upland Game Season Range Closings

All ranges will be closed from sunset Oct.31 ,2014 until Jan 31, 2015 with the exception on Wednesday and Sunday. On the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving and possibly a couple times the ranges will be closed for short periods when the Conservation Committee is in the field setting birds.

Please observe and obey all Range Open / Closed Signs.

2015 Ground Rule Changes

On July 8, 2014 the board adopted changes to the Association Ground Rules. These changes will come into effect on January 1, 2015.

Until that date the current Ground Rules apply.

To allow time for all members to acquaint themselves to the upcoming changes, a copy of the 2015 Ground Rules are HERE

Changes are marked in RED, new language in BOLD, deleted language in STRIKETHROUGH.

Do The Right Thing

We have established handicapped parking spaces for those who need them and it has been noticed that vehicles are regularly being seen in those spots. If you are handicapped have the placard on display if you are not be courteous and stay out of those spaces.

Newsletter Notification Service

Members can now subscribe to receive an E-Mail alert when the newsletter is published to the website.
Just follow this link to the Newsletter page to find the link and instructions.

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