New Member Day

The date for accepting new members is Sunday, Jan 21, 2018 with the doors opening at noon.

Those wishing to join will register on arrival and will receive a ticket entering them in a drawing for the available openings. Only those wishing to be paid members will get a ticket. This is a family membership but only the person filing the application will be the member of record with signing, voting rights and will be the one required to attend (2) meetings and perform the required (8) work hours.

Tickets will be pulled in groups and those drawn will get a copy of our ground rules, mission statement to review along with the application plus a questionnaire that is to be completed. They will then return the ground rules and mission statement to the front table then go to the Board room where they will be interviewed and have their paperwork checked for completion. They will then proceed to the Treasurer where they pay the dues and initiation fee ($235.00) after which they are free to leave.The next group will be called when all loaner materials have been returned to the front table until all openings have been filled.

All applications taken that day will be presented to the Board by their February meeting for review/approval. Anyone not approved will receive a notice, with the fees returned. Those who do not receive their money back within that period have been approved for membership and can pick up their packets at the General Meetings in March and/or April from 6:00 until 7:30 PM.  

Only the signing member of record may sign for and receive the packet after providing photo ID. The kitchen will be open so plan on staying for something to eat and getting in one of your meetings all in one trip.

Members: if you sponsor someone for membership, please plan on attending and being there for the person(s) you are sponsoring.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Kitchen will be closed on New Member Day, sorry for the inconvenience.

Winter Weather Policy

With the arrival of winter comes the impending threat of hazardous weather conditions. In years past, inclement weather has at times disrupted GCF&G Board & Membership Meetings, and created a great deal of confusion.

If Greene County is under a Level 1 snow emergency and is listed as such in TV, radio, and news broadcasts at 3:00 pm the day of any scheduled board or membership meeting, that meeting will be postponed and rescheduled on the same day and time, of the following week unless otherwise indicated.

Common sense should always be used when deciding whether or not to attend any club function during inclement weather. Don't take unnecessary risks. To determine the status of other scheduled events at the club during these inclement periods, contact the Chairman in charge of the activity scheduled. Thank you for your cooperation.

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