Winter Weather Policy

With the arrival of winter comes the impending threat of hazardous weather conditions. In years past, inclement weather has at times disrupted GCF&G Board & Membership Meetings, and created a great deal of confusion.

If Greene County is under a Level 1 snow emergency and is listed as such in TV, radio, and news broadcasts at 3:00 pm the day of any scheduled board or membership meeting, that meeting will be postponed and rescheduled on the same day and time, of the following week unless otherwise indicated.

Common sense should always be used when deciding whether or not to attend any club function during inclement weather. Don't take unnecessary risks. To determine the status of other scheduled events at the club during these inclement periods, contact the Chairman in charge of the activity scheduled. Thank you for your cooperation.

Club Membership Dues are Due!

If you have not paid your annual dues, time is running out. Each and every year we have members who neglect to pay their club dues on time. On time means before Midnight on December 31st.There is no grace period or late payment option; if you miss the deadline, you are no longer a member of Greene County Fish and Game, and will have to go through the entire membership process, (assuming we open for new members), including paying the initiation fee, work hours, and meeting attendance requirements. If you have a camper on the grounds it will need to be removed, and you will need to go through that process also.

There is a link under What's New! that will get you a copy of the renewal form if you need it. Don't lose your membership!

HO HO Meat Shoot

Black Powder will be having their Ho Ho Meat Shoot on Sunday December 17th. Shooting starts at 10:00 AM, cost is $10.00, Black Powder Rifles only, open sights, patched round ball.

Dates To Remember

HUNTER ED - 12/11, 13, 15



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