Getting Busy

With the warmer weather comes more members coming out and enjoying the club and all it has to offer.

As with everything, the more people, the more caution needs to be taken. So watch for kids; especially around the campground and playground.

If you have children make sure you are keeping them under supervision, be very aware around the Archery Ranges, Gun Ranges, the pond and the lake.

The speed limit is 15 MPH, do not Speed!

If you are a shooter, make sure you have read and understand the Ground Rules regarding using the Ranges. Make sure you understand the Cease Fire Rules and follow them.

If you see something dangerous occurring, it is your responsibility as a member to intervene to make the situation safe.

Let's all be safe and have Fun!

Facebook Groups

There is a growing number of Greene County Fish and Game associated groups on Facebook. These groups are being created by Chairmen of their respected areas as a way to further increase interest and as a way to get information to those interested.

Some of the groups are open and some are closed, each one of them is moderated by the person who created it, under the guidance of the Technology Chairman, Board, and Officers.

And while associated with GCF&G; GCF&G is not responsible for the content, nor is anything stated in such a group to be considered the policy, opinion, or position of GCF&G. When in doubt, contact the Board or Officers directly.

Here is a list of the current Club associated Facebook groups.
GCF&G Main Group
Cowboy Action
Black Powder Rendezvous
GCF&G Campers

If you would like to see a Facebook group dedicated to your Club interest, contact the Chairman of that interest or the Technology Chairman and ask about getting one started.

We will soon be posting official Ground Rules for the creation of associated groups but until then we are handling such requests on a case by case basis.

Members creating groups purported to be associated with GCF&G without the Boards prior knowledge and approval will be addressed.

Constitution Review and Vote

There will be a review of proposed changes to the Greene County Fish and Game Constitution, followed by a vote at the June 13, 2017 Membership meeting, all members are encouraged to attend.

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