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At the end of the year we evaluate the status of our member renewal process along with other factors in an attempt to determine if we will reach our membership ceiling as established annually by our Board of Directors for the upcoming year.

Some years we accept new members and some years we don't. As a result, we do not guarantee or imply that we will be accepting new member applications during any given year.

If the board decides to hold a New Member Day it will be on a Sunday in January.

New member application day will begin with prospective members receiving a ticket as they enter the clubhouse. There is no reason to show up early to be 'first in line'. The prospective member must be there in person, along with their sponsoring member. Ticket numbers will be drawn in a lottery, if your number is called then you will be given a copy of our club's mission statement and our ground rules to read and an application to complete. A brief interview then takes place where applicants are given the opportunity to ask questions about the club and our ground rules. Appropriate fees including tax, are due with the completed application. Only cash or checks are excepted, no credit cards.

Applications are usually approved during a special meeting of the board of directors soon after the close of the New Membership Day. New membership packages are usually available to be picked up at either the March or April general membership meeting for all approved applicants.

All new members are informed when they apply for membership, they are required to attend (2) of the 11 monthly membership meetings (no meeting will be held in May due to our annual fish fry), and give (8) hours of service to the club during their first year as a member of the Greene Co. Fish & Game Assn.

Thank you for inquiring about the Fish & Game.

Membership Application

Membership Application

Membership Application



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