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Anyone who is unfamiliar with the Fish & Game might initially get the impression that we are all only about hunting, fishing, and camping. While these outdoor sports are very dear to our hearts and play a vital role in many of our educational programs, the reality is that we are all about family. Like the three generations pictured in the photo on the right, interacting ethically and peacefully with nature as a female Canada goose sits patiently atop her nest close by waiting for the arrival of her new family.

Countless times during the last eighty years this scenario has repeated itself. It's part of our legacy which previous generations at our club have worked so diligently to build, share and protect. It is our duty to sustain that legacy and make sure it is still being shared and protected by and for the generations that will follow. So if we seem a little tense when someone goes messing with our rights as sportsmen, we are. They aren't just messing with our pastimes; they are messing with our family value system.

Some of life's most precious lessons are not found in text books, overcrowded classrooms or video games, but in nature. As important as a good education is, a well balanced education is just as crucial when it comes to producing happy, well rounded, successful, respected members of society. The gift of learning never stops so our promise and commitment to responsible and ethical teaching must also never stop. We teach those who wish to learn, having learned well from those who wished to teach.

Many of the hearty souls and colorful characters that are responsible for building the foundation of this great organization have passed on, but their spirits, hard work and vision still guide us. From our constitution to our educational programs, they have had a very profound impact on whom and what we have become today. We owe them a huge debt, one that we are morally obligated to spend our lifetime paying back. We must share our love and knowledge of the outdoors with our children and grandchildren.

From a very humble beginning around 1920, the Greene County Fish & Game Association has grown into one of Ohio's premiere sportsmen's organizations. Over the years we have built a multi-use facility which currently occupies just over 160 acres in a rural portion of southern Greene County. The Fish & Game Association is a privately owned and maintained organization which offers extensive outdoor recreational opportunities to more than 1,000 dues paying members and their families.

Simply put we are fathers, sons, mothers, and daughters. We are about cane poles and shade trees. We're about woods walks and campfires, 25 straight and one in the 10 ring. We are about wild black berries and mushrooms, whitetails and pheasants. We are about everything in nature that is natural and good. We are about remembering yesterday and preserving tomorrow. We are ethical and we are focused. We are just sportsmen and women. We are the Greene County Fish & Game Association.

** You can learn more about us by going to "Our history" page.

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