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In the state of Ohio all first time trappers are required to successfully complete a trapper education course offered through the Division of Wildlife before they can purchase a Fur Taker Permit. This required training course is generally made available to both members and non-members at GCF&G during the fall of each year as well as via home-study year round through the Division of Wildlife, with a required 4 hour hands-on training component.

Future trappers will be taught about ethics and their responsibilities, trapping regulations, how to properly and legally obtain landowner permission and about the role that trapping plays in today's wildlife management methods. They will learn how to properly operate various types of trapping equipment including foothold, body grip, box traps, live traps, and snares. It's everything about trapping that you need to know, but didn't know who to ask!

Students will also be taught several effective trapping techniques from land trapping to water trapping. In addition, they will be shown to how to properly handle and care for their harvested furs, from skinning and fleshing to stretching and drying. During this course, trappers will have several opportunities to get one on one instruction and acquire the type of knowledge that only hands-on experience can provide.

Dedicated and experienced trapping instructors will provide young trappers with valuable information about baits and lures. Tips will also be provided on how to better market your pelts as well as safely and effectively handling non-target animals. You can E-mail us for more information regarding upcoming trapper education opportunities at GCF&G by using the address listed below.

Trapping Instructor - Richard (Butch) Barhorst
937-848-8082 (noon to 8pm)

** To register for a trapper education course call 1-800-WILDLIFE (945-3543).

Ohio Division of Wildlife



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