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It seems like Spring is finally coming – the lakes are no longer frozen, activities are kicking off, and flowers are beginning to poke through the ground.

There will be a Fish Fry this year! However, the Board voted to move it from May to June. Our expectation is that most of it will be held outside. Part of the hope is that the majority of Spring rains will be over, so holding the event outside will be a bit more likely to work. We also have the new FM system available, so we can set up almost anywhere on the grounds to hear the public address system. Deb Middleton is now working to get the kitchen ready to open, including the required health department inspections. Moving the Fish Fry to June also means that the May meeting is available as credit for new members with the work opportunity moving to June.

Between now and then, there are plenty of opportunities at the club. Check out the Calendar and mark yours so you don’t miss out. The youth Trap program and open trap practice is now available on Thursdays at 5 PM. If you’re interested in forming an Airgun Group, check out the calendar entries for the link to the Google Meet links for the organization meetings in March and April. The Kid’s Easter Egg Hunt is also back this year. Things will look a little different, but it is scheduled for 11 AM on Saturday, March 27. While you’re marking your calendars, be sure to set aside April 17-18 for Cleanup Weekend!

Check back here for updates – it’s the primary means we have to communicate news between Membership Meetings. As always, if you have questions about anything, contact the committee chair covering that area.

Get outside and enjoy the club!

We Are Now On MeWe

MeWe is a social media site much like Facebook but without the censorship we are seeing on our FB site. We can discuss firearms, ammunition or other 'scary' things without the worry of being censored. We still have rules, and you still need to answer a question to join.

It costs nothing to join, although they do offer a 'premium' experience which you can skip to get to the free version. The link to join is HERE

Winter Weather Notice

With the arrival of winter comes the impending threat of hazardous weather conditions. In years past, inclement weather has at times disrupted GCF&G Board & Membership Meetings, and created a great deal of confusion.

If Greene County is under a Level 1 snow emergency and is listed as such in TV, radio, and news broadcasts at 3:00 pm the day of any scheduled board or membership meeting, that meeting will be postponed and rescheduled on the same day and time, of the following week unless otherwise indicated.

Common sense should always be used when deciding whether or not to attend any club function during inclement weather. Don't take unnecessary risks. To determine the status of other scheduled events at the club during these inclement periods, contact the Chairman in charge of the activity scheduled. Thank you for your cooperation.





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