Upland Game Season

Upland Game Season is in full swing!

This is a great time for all members, not just hunters, to re-read the Club Ground Rules. Hunters; the Clubs rules for hunting are NOT the same as the DOW Hunting Regulations, make sure you understand where we deviate (wearing of hunter orange is one example).

This also means a change in the Shooting Range Schedule. Beginning on November 1st All Ranges are Closed EXCEPT on Sunday's and Wednesdays. Ranges will also be closed at 3:00 PM the day before Thanksgiving, (11/21). This remains in effect until January 31, 2019. Hunters; hunting behind the ranges on Wednesday's is prohibited.


Here are some highlights from our Ground Rules:

  • Ohio hunting license required. Ohio hunting regulations apply and MUST be observed.
  • During Upland Game / Rabbit Season, all hunters are required by the Association, to wear a cap or hat, and a jacket, or vest that is either solid hunter orange or camouflage hunter orange, (more than the legal minimum amount of hunter orange is strongly recommended).
  • Waterfowl hunters are exempt from having to wear hunter orange. Deer bow hunters are exempt from wearing hunter orange during Sunday hunting.
  • Hunters must register at the clubhouse before starting to hunt and must report game harvested and sign out before they leave club grounds.
  • Only hunters with permits issued by the Conservation Chairman may waterfowl hunt.
  • Hunters must designate whether they are Squirrel, Dove, Deer, Upland or waterfowl hunting at the time they sign-in.
  • Hunters may not harvest upland game when waterfowl hunting or harvest waterfowl when upland game hunting.
  • There is no general membership hunting on GCF&G grounds on youth hunt day till 1:00pm.
  • Hunters must be 18 years old or older to hunt without adult supervision.

The Conservation Committee will be releasing pheasants throughout the season and we encourage our members to enjoy hunting at the club. Be safe, have fun, and Good Hunting!

Club Dues Are Due by 12/31

By now each member should have received a Dues Renewal Form sent to the address we have on file. It was a bright orange envelope. If you did not receive one please contact the club secretary.

Dues are due by December 31. 2018 Late dues are not accepted, If you mail your dues in, Do not rely on the post office to post mark your dues payment on or before that date! If there is any doubt, take the payment envelope into the post office and ask the clerk to hand stamp it.

If you wish, you may drop your dues payment off at the entrance of the clubhouse, there is a box there for that, or see the Treasurer at a membership meeting.

You can get a copy of the Renewal Form HERE

Technology Portal

Our new Technology Chairman, James Tweed, has set up a Technology Portal for members to use to inquire about the clubs technology and make requests. Check it out here. The permanent link is located under Quick Links located on the right side of this page.

New 7 Yard Pistol Range is Open!

While there are some minor things needing completed on the new 7 yard range, the range is open and in operation. The range is located next to the 25 yard pistol range. The old range will be deconstructed over time, but is now permanently closed.

Winter Weather Notice

With the arrival of winter comes the impending threat of hazardous weather conditions. In years past, inclement weather has at times disrupted GCF&G Board & Membership Meetings, and created a great deal of confusion.

If Greene County is under a Level 1 snow emergency and is listed as such in TV, radio, and news broadcasts at 3:00 pm the day of any scheduled board or membership meeting, that meeting will be postponed and rescheduled on the same day and time, of the following week unless otherwise indicated.

Common sense should always be used when deciding whether or not to attend any club function during inclement weather. Don't take unnecessary risks. To determine the status of other scheduled events at the club during these inclement periods, contact the Chairman in charge of the activity scheduled. Thank you for your cooperation.

Dates To Remember

YOUTH HUNT - 11/10

HUNTER ED - 12/3-5-7




Be sure to check out the CALENDAR for more dates









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