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All Club Youth Events are open to all area youth, except youth fishing derbies, which guest of club youth may attend. Equipment is provided for those needing it for all events. Trophies are given for three places in three age groups for most events. Two Trap Camp trophies given for three age groups of youth, and two to the Ladies. BB-gun Champs get one trophy No trophies given at Youth Training Day. ALL events require a sign-in form be filled out by an Adult. All events are held at Greene County Fish and Game, on Union Road, Xenia, Ohio.  Rules at a glance: ALL rules are subject to change. Assigned personnel run the events. ALL their commands are to be followed closely. A  Safety  Instruction session will be given at each event.

.22 Rifle Matches are run by NRA Light Rifle Rules of equipment allowed. Rifles must be 8.5 lbs. or lighter. Loaners and safety equipment are available.  Ten (10) rounds maximum allowed in the rifle’s magazine. No “special equipment” allowed. OPEN SIGHTS ONLY. Front bags no wider than 5 inches are to be used on the bench. Events may include “off-hand” , “bench”, or “cross stick” shooting from the 25 or 50 yard ranges. Ages 8 and under may shoot both rifle and BB-Gun. Age 9 through 11 is the middle age group. Age  12 through 18 is the oldest group. Times are 2:30 to 5:00, or as needed.

ARCHERY:  No crossbows. Scoring, instruction, and competing  groups  are handled by committee personnel  only.  Age groups are 8 and under, 9 through 12, 13 through to 18. Yardages adjusted for ability. Instruction and warm-up on field targets. Silhouette woods walk for scoring targets. Archery Shoots start promptly at 12:00. Come early to sign up.

May 7 13 .22 Rifle/BBgun

May 27 Archery

Jun 24 JAKES Day
Jul 15 .22 Rifle/BBgun
Aug 19 Archery
Sep 23 .22 Rifle/BBgun


Questions may be directed to Steve Reynolds, Youth Chairman







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