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Coonskin Web Site can be found HERE. All past participants will know what this is, but for those new to the club, Coonskin is a 3 day weekend, where youth learn outdoor skills, as taught by experts. Your club sponsors youth and their sponsors so they may attend. You can read about Coonskin Cap Brigade West below. Contact the youth Chairman for more information..

Designed as a progressive program with progressive skill levels, Coonskin teaches students different outdoor skills every year. Those skills are ultimately put to the test with a woods walk competition during their fourth and final year at camp. They are taught skills that include, but are not limited to traditional archery, basic first aid, orienteering (map reading), instinctive clay target shooting, basic water safety, black powder rifle, .22 rifle shooting, pistol shooting, some primitive skills, and much more.

The highlight for first year participants is the BB gun live fire exercise. Second year attendees will get to make a real "Coonskin cap", (hence the program's name), from furs which are provided by the Division of Wildlife. Third year attendees get to carve duck decoys from blocks of wood, while fourth and final year attendees will manufacture a knife and get an opportunity to showcase everything they've learned during the woods walk competition.
 Each year the winner of the wood's walk is presented with a very nice reward for his or her efforts. Sometimes it's a black powder gun, sometimes it's a compound bow, but it's always an outstanding prize. Over the year's several Coonskin Cap Brigade graduates have gone on to become outstanding shooters, sportsmen and women and Greene County Fish & Game members. A few are currently volunteer Hunter Education instructors.

A Note to ALL participants of coonskin Cap Brigade West:
The staff of CCBW would like to bring up a couple of items that need to be addressed.

First of all, Camp Cotubic is a drug and alcohol free facility. Violation of this clause will cause immediate dismissal without refund of contractual obligations. These are CAMP RULES, not Coonskin Cap Brigades rules. If we lose this Camp because of a violation of this rule, we have no where else to go. It took a long time for us to find such a facility and to develop a trusting relationship with the Camp Director. He has bent over backwards for us and already is bending some of the rules to accommodate our needs.
We know there were concerns of cookouts/parties after classes are over and it was brought u to the Camp Director. He advised that he does not want to see any of these taking place. He also advised that he has 10 board members that he must answer to and that at any time one of them can and may walk around the Camp to observe what is taking place. If anything is seen in violation of the contract, we can be dismissed. Coonskin Cap Brigade is not a "Hunting Camp". Its purpose is to educate our youths in shooting sports and outdoor activities. Please, lets try to keep this tradition alive. Remember that this is a weekend for the kids.

All Participants are to eat in the mess hall and not cook food at their cabin. We know that the food is typical camp food and it is not what we get at home but we need to keep a positive attitude and not voice our opinions when the youths are present. Your attitude will carry on to the youths.

A Sponsor is expected to follow his/her group, help keep youths under control, and keep the youth's mind focused on the material that they are being taught in class. No youth should be unsupervised at any time. At least 1 Sponsor must remain with the group at all times. The Instructors are giving their time to instruct and educate these youths and we need to give them as much support as possible.

All Participants (youths, sponsors, instructors, and staff members) must fill out an Application Form.

Thank you for your cooperation with these issues and let's have another successful year for the youths.


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