Frequently Asked Questions  

Listed below are a few questions that are asked frequently by both members and non-members and the appropriate answers to each of them. We hope these answers are some of the answers that you are currently looking for!

Q: How and when can I become a member of the Fish & Game Association?
Every year the association determines if new members are needed to help us reach our desired membership ceiling. If new members are deemed necessary to achieve our membership goals, the dates and times when new member applications will be accepted, (usually in late January) will be determined. Those dates will then be posted on this website and made available to our membership as early as possible. More in depth information can be accessed by clicking on the Membership bar on our homepage, and selecting the "How to Join" bar from the drop down menu.

Q: I have lost or damaged my gate pass card or I would like to obtain an additional card for my spouse, who should I contact?
The technology committee is responsible for issuing and making sure that all members in good standing have working gate pass cards. You can contact the Technology Chairman by clicking on his email link on the Chairmans Page

Q: Is there a fee for replacement or additional gate pass cards?
Member cards that no longer work properly must be turned into the technology committee. Those cards will be deactivated immediately and replaced without charge to the member. Cards that are damaged or lost will also be immediately deactivated then replaced. The cost to replace a lost, stolen or damaged card is $25.00 The cost for an additional card for your spouse is $10.00.

Q: What types of activities can non-members participate in at the club?
As your guest, non-members may participate in any activity at the club you are able to, EXCEPT FOR HUNTING OR FISHING. As a dues paying member you may invite up to five guests to join in fun activities at the club. Groups of guests larger than five per member must be approved by the board of directors. You will be held responsible for the actions and behavior of your guests, so choose them wisely.

Q: What should I do with the annual picnic sweepstakes tickets that I received in my annual membership package?
These tickets are paid for as part of your annual membership. You can either put your name on the stubs and simply turn them in at the club to the ticket sales chairman or the annual picnic chairman prior to the annual picnic. Or you can sell them to a friend, then turn in their money and the stubs prior to the date of our annual picnic.

Q: Can I rent the GCF&G clubhouse for a party or reception? If so how much will it cost?
Information regarding our clubhouse including rental guidelines and a fee schedule can be found by clicking on the general information tab on our home page, dropping down to the facilities bar, then clicking on clubhouse.

Q: If I see someone doing something at the club that is illegal, dangerous, or inappropriate as clearly defined by our ground rules and / or constitution how can I bring it to the attention of the appropriate committee chairman or the board of directors?
There is no correct answer to this question. There are however several options which could be correct methods for handling such a difficult situation. You could approach the individual(s) involved and identify yourself as a club member and ask them to provide you with proper ID. Verify they are a member and ask them for their name. But, perhaps the best way to handle such an awkward situation would be to discreetly gather all the information making as many observations as you can, then contact the chairmen over the area where the incident took place via the telephone or club email.



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