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We currently have 6 working firearm ranges that are maintained and supervised by our range committee. We have three pistol only ranges (7, 15 & 25 yards), and three shotgun, rifle, or pistol ranges (25, 50 & 100 yards). All these ranges , have sheltered firing lines to help protect you, your firearms and other gear from the hot sun or rain.

Range and Safety Rules:

  • Adults supervising minors in a shooting activity shall have instructed the minor in basic firearms safety prior to allowing them to shoot. Minors are required to be under the direct supervision of an adult member while participating in a shooting activity. You must be 21 to use a handgun unsupervised.
  • The Association strongly recommends that every minor or person new to shooting attend and pass the basic hunter education safety course or a qualified firearms safety course.
  • Adult members supervising minor shooters are responsible for the minor’s actions and conduct.
  • Each range has a sign designating open or closed and a master sign placed at the entrance to the ranges designates whether ALL ranges are open or closed. These signs are for the safety of all members and are to be obeyed at all times.
  • On those occasions that the Board must close the ranges for events or work reasons a reasonable effort will be made to post an announcement in the newsletter and / or on the webpage, prior to the closing.
  • No unauthorized person is to tamper with or change the Range Open / Closed indication signs.
  • Every gun on the firing line must be empty with the action open and the muzzle pointed down range until the line is cleared for live fire.
  • Semi-Automatic firearms which lack a bolt hold open device shall have a visible empty chamber indicator (ECI) in place during a cease fire.
  • Black Powder Muzzle Loading Firearms shall be considered safe when the primer pan is emptied, and / or the ignition source is removed.
  • All guns being carried to and from the ranges shall be unloaded with the action open and the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. It is preferable to transport them in cases.
  • Firearms carried on your person for personal protection (concealed or open carried) are exempt from the above.
  • Every gun on the line will be emptied and grounded with the action open when targets are being checked during a called cease-fire.
  • When going down-range, coordinate a cease-fire, with all other shooters on the range.
  • Make sure that all others on the firing line have acknowledged the cease fire and that all firearms are safe.
  • Whenever anyone is down-range, everyone else must be away from the bench/firing line and behind the ready line.
  • No firearm or ammunition is to be touched, moved or handled while the ceasefire is in effect. 
  • Those shooters who are approaching the range area are to wait until all clear is called before proceeding to uncase or deploy a firearm.
  • The shooter calling the cease fire is responsible for calling the line All Clear.
  • All shooters must personally verify that there are no others downrange before resuming.
  • Shooting will be done from designated firing positions to established target positions. Mid range shooting could result in ricochets.
  • No cross shooting of targets.
  • Rapid fire shooting is not permitted unless required in a sanctioned competition.
  • Rapid fire is defined as anything more than a three (3) round burst, in a one second interval. Such bursts shall be followed by a marked lull or pause before continuing to fire.
  • Place ALL duds in the boxes provided. Do not throw them on the ground or in the trash barrels where waste is burned.
  • Safety precautions MUST be observed! To do otherwise is to endanger yourself and others.
  • Members observing violations of range safety rules are responsible for bring such violations to the attention of the offending party.
  • Members should point out the violation in a calm and constructive manner and ask that the offender alter their behavior.
  • Any continuation of the unsafe behavior should be reported to any available board member or officer.  Such Violators should be asked to leave. But at no time should a member put themselves or others in jeopardy when confronting a violator, step away and report it as soon as possible to an officer or director.
  • When sharing ranges with organized events, shooters will follow and obey all range commands and directions as given by the event coordinator.
  • During Upland Game Season, November 1- January 31 ranges are only open on Sundays and Wednesdays unless otherwise announced.
  • All Ranges will be closed after 3:00 PM on the Wednesday prior to the Thanksgiving.
  • During Clean-up Weekend all Ranges will be closed from 3:00 PM Friday, until sunrise the following Monday.
  • Use of the ranges will be during daylight hours only, sunrise to sunset, except with the expressed written consent of the chairman of the respective shooting events / activities, and / or with approval from the Board.
  • No fully automatic weapons are permitted on the ranges. No tracer or armor piercing ammunition may be used.
  • Targets are to be:
    • Hung on the parallel wires / roping provided.
    • Broken wires / roping are to be repaired (tied back together).
    • Paper hung on cardboard. (Come prepared, bring them with you).
    • Clay targets may be used if suspended in a manner that creates no risk of breaking the suspension wires / ropes and the resulting mess is cleaned up.
  • Suspending or propping of targets on support posts is prohibited.
  • The intentional shooting of support posts will be treated as a dangerous act, (ricochet) and as destruction of club property, whether the round impacts or not. Such violations will be acted upon as defined in the Association’s Constitution and By-Laws
  • Breakaway steel targets are acceptable when they are designed for the type and caliber of firearm being used.
  • Police the Area of all used targets, empty shell casings, (except .22 rim fire) and trash generated during your session. Clean up a little extra too.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed while participating in shooting activities or while in the shooting area. Persons may not take part in this event while under the influence of alcohol.
  • Destruction of club property, littering and safety violations will not be tolerated and are cause for disciplinary action from the Board of Directors.
  • The Mining of lead, copper, and other metals from the backstop / berm is considered destruction of club property. The picking up of found lead, copper, or other metals that do not require digging or disturbing the soil is permitted.


  • All shooting on this range is done at Board authorized events under supervision of the chairperson for the event.
  • This range is closed to all other casual shooting use.
  • The Cowboy Action Range is located between the 7 yard pistol and 25 yard rifle range.
  • This range is closed to all other casual shooting use.
  • During Events on the Cowboy Range the 7 yard range will be closed for saftety. As long as the 15 yard range is not in use during those times; members wishing to shoot at 7 yards may move up on the 15 yard pistol range, and shoot from 7 yards there.  Do not set targets 7yrds out from the firing line on the 15 yard range. That would cause a ‘short shooting sitituation’ and is prohibited; instead move your shooting position forward, keeping your and others safety always in mind.
  • During an event, only cartridges using soft lead bullets, may be used. No gas checks, no copper washed, or jacketed bullets of any kind are allowed, except for copper washed .22 rim fire rounds, (if and when a .22 shoot comes to pass). Only lead shotgun shot; no larger than #7, is permitted.
  • All shooting on this range is done at Board authorized events under supervision of the chairperson for the event.
  • The rifle ranges are the three East facing 25 yard, 50 yard and 100 yard ranges.
  • Pistols may be used on the rifle ranges, unless such use would interfere with a person wishing to utilize the rifle range for rifle shooting.
  • The last half of the 100-yard range firing line is closed when the traps are in use. Closure is for the safety of range users.
  • The pistol ranges are the three 7, 15, and 25 yard ranges that face the North, located well behind the 25-yard rifle range.
  • Shooting on these ranges is to be done from the designated firing lines only.
  • The 7-yard range is for handgun use only, no rifle or shotgun of any gauge or caliber is allowed.
  • The use of any firearm other than a pistol on the 15 and 25 yard pistol ranges, with the exception of a rim-fire .17, or .22 caliber rifles is strictly prohibited, without board approval.
  • Trap shooting ranges are for the use of Shotguns firing shot shells only, no slugs or buckshot (No’s. 4 or larger) are permitted on the trap range.
  • Observe safety rules. Do not point your gun at another, even if it is unloaded, (never treat a gun as unloaded). On the firing line, always keep your gun pointed toward the ground or the trap house.
  • When in the clubhouse all guns are to be kept in the rack provided, actions completely open, or enclosed in a case.
  • Cases are not to be placed on tables.
  • Do not shoulder, mount or point a shotgun while inside the clubhouse walls, never close the action, never dry fire. All such activity should be done outside, in an unused area adjacent to the trap line.
  • Maintain muzzle awareness at all times, do not ‘sweep’ a person with the muzzle, even when removing or placing the shotgun in the rack or case.
  • Move from the clubhouse to the trap line with the action open and the muzzle pointed in the safest possible direction (usually straight up).
  • When Clubhouse activities are scheduled during a trapshooting event, trapshooting participants are to use the trap equipment storage room as their operations and lounge area, reserving the Clubhouse as much as possible for the scheduled Clubhouse activity.
  • All shell casings, boxes and other trash should be policed at the conclusion of a trap event.

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