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Monthly events are open to all members regardless of age. Kid's events are restricted to member children and grandchildren 16 years old and under. Entry fee's earned from all events are used to support lake and fish stocking programs. The best way to keep our club strong and our annual dues at an affordable level is to support these fun filled events as often as possible.

It has always been, and should always be our policy that kids should not have to pay to fish. Summertime fishing, like running through the sprinkler and catching lightening bugs helps build healthy children and well rounded adults. Therefore, ALL KIDS TOURNAMENTS ARE ABSOLUTELY FREE! Age groups for these events are 2-7 years, 8-11 years, and 12-16 years old. The top three scoring kids in each age group will be awarded trophies at the end of the event. All our young champion anglers will receive a participation ribbon at the end of the event.

We have a very gracious membership base so from time to time prizes may be awarded to all the kids who participate and refreshments will always be provided. Members who would like to provide a modest tangible gift or give the priceless gift of their time in support of our kids programs are encouraged to contact us. Bait is not provided so plan accordingly. Single member parents with children wanting to fish but lacking proper tackle, equipment or experience should contact the lake committee in advance for assistance.

Mom and Dad are special too, so the entry fee to all our monthly tournaments is just $5.00 per person unless otherwise specified. A big fish contest will also be held during all monthly events. Anglers must enter before the tournament begins for an additional $5.00 per person. Catch and release practices are always encouraged, but if you remove fish please adhere to all limit guidelines posted at both lakes. Adults, be aware that some of the monthly events have been won by our talented young anglers!


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