There's a little something for everybody to do and enjoy on the 160 plus acres of southern Greene County the Fish & Game Association has called home for more than fifty years. Over the past five decades our organization has built in the opinion of many outdoor enthusiasts, one of Ohio's premiere multi-use sportsmen's facilities. Understanding that diversity is one of the keys to longevity, we have worked relentlessly to try and insure that no traditional sportsmen's related interest is ever ignored or forgotten.

View our facility from the air and you will discover two man made fishing lakes, one 10 acres plus which often serves as the focal point of activity for our many anglers both young and old. Another smaller pound with just over an acre of water surface and located adjacent to our modest campground is also visible. Several modern structures are also visible from above, including the clubhouse, three shelter houses, a storage barn, card shoot shack, archery shed, and the covered firing lines for four of our five shooting ranges.

Our rolling complex is marbled with wooded areas, grasslands and upland pastures which are all managed and maintained in an effort to provide the best wildlife habitat possible. It's clear even from above; there is something truly special about our little neck of the woods. Breath taking from the air, our club's real beauty must be experienced from the ground. Take a leisurely stroll along any of our freshly cut grass paths or paved roads and explore all the GCF&G has to offer.

From the moment you pass through our modern electric security gate, sportsmen's amenities begin to abound. You'll likely be taken at first by the club's natural beauty. From A to Z we've got plenty to offer, starting with archery. Our large archery area includes numerous static target bales to help you find your range before you take a shot at any of our strategically placed field targets located in the surrounding wooded areas. A moving target range is even used from time to time during spring and summer 3-D open shoots.

Abundant wild blackberries ripen in early June, some of which are within easy walking distance of our 75 unit campground or surrounding the big lake. The clubhouse, which is the center of most club related activity, sits majestically facing the west atop a grassy knoll. Our card shoot range is nestled discreetly between the clubhouse and big lake. A large 25' X 50' shelter house sits beneath the trees just north of the clubhouse, while our well lit four house trap range lies just outside the back door and faces the east.

Just a short walk from our large graveled parking area is a group of five different shooting ranges where pistol, shotgun, rifle and black powder shooters can all test their marksmanship skills. Upland hunting is permitted during the proper seasons in many of our clearly designated perimeter fields. Anglers at the big lake often yield to waterfowl hunters during the fall, while wildlife and waterfowl viewing remain popular year round. Numerous natural and hybrid species of nut trees as well as many conifers, colorful foliage and wildflowers adorn the grounds.






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