Originally built in 1961 the Fish & Game clubhouse is humble, comfortable and functional. We are able to host many different types of club functions and activities. Over the years our old block building has seen its share of changes and improvements. The most recent renovation which was dedicated in the spring of 1996 included the addition of a roomy new general office, a garage and trapshooting storage area, a caretaker's office and supply room as well as handicap accessible restroom facilities.

The building's main room measuring 28' X 70' will generally accommodate upwards of 180 people comfortably when in meeting configuration. Limited overflow seating and additional display or activity space is available for events which are being held during fair weather conditions, beneath our large fully covered open air patio area located on the east side of the building. A well equipped and fully modern kitchen located adjacent to the main room has been the focal point of many club funded improvements in recent years.

Our clubhouse is frequently used by local, state, and regional organizations to conduct business meetings, hold educational seminars or specialized training, and much, much more. The structure also seems to be a favorite with the Ohio Division of Wildlife because of its many amenities and the general geographical location. The GCF&G clubhouse is also utilized annually by our friends at the Greene Soil & Water District and many other local conservation and sportsmen related groups.

Other activities held in the clubhouse which may be rented by both member and non-member individuals when its not in use, include monthly meetings, hunter education courses, wildlife open houses, parties, fund raising events and of course trapshooting. In addition to being a center for social interaction among our many members and guests, the clubhouse also serves as the primary classroom facility for the state required CCW training as provided by Personal Protection Concepts, LLC.

A huge stone mantle surrounds a cozy brass fireplace enclosure at the north end of the building, flanked on both sides by respectable whitetail and ring-necked pheasant mounts. Audio-visual equipment is even available to provide a little extra flexibility for our friends that use the facility for educational and training purposes. On any given Sunday and during other special events you might even find our ample 35" television filling the room with the sights and sounds of a ball game, hunting and fishing show, or auto race.


Turning a slightly blistered hot dog over a roaring campfire is always fun, but when it comes to a relaxing meal before a meeting or event, nothing beats the grub prepared by the friendly ladies in our clean, freshly renovated kitchen. A comprehensive menu ranging from steak to ice cream is available most of the time upon request, with other belly rubbing dishes made available on a seasonal basis.

A neon sigh hanging in the breezeway window lets you know when the kitchen is open as you drive up. The is always a pot of hot coffee and a god conversation brewing in the clubhouse.

Our kitchen personnel monitor the weather by TV and NOAA radio and will keep our members and their gusts informed of any surprises Mother Nature may have in-store for us. We don't serve caviar here, but we've been know to serve up an occasional plate of homemade chicken and noodles or beans and cornbread! Affordable meals and friendly service are what you will find at GCF&G.

First class kitchen facilities are available for a reasonable fee when renting the clubhouse. Due to the nature of the commercial kitchen operation at the clubhouse and health departments constraints, rentals will only have access to the non-commercial equipment. This includes a refrigerator, four burner stove / oven, microwave, warming table, two large coffee makers and countertop.

*** Note: Clubhouse and shelter-house rentals are always subject to availability and club sanctioned and / or sponsored events will always be given priority. Greene County Fish and Game Association reserves the right to decline rental requests for facilities at any time.


1.) Individuals or groups that have signed the proper rental agreements and have paid the correct security deposit will be permitted access to the clubhouse (whenever possible) at 5:00 pm the day prior to the scheduled rental to setup, decorate, or otherwise prepare for their event.

2.) All decorations, literature, food, etc. related to the rental function must be removed from the clubhouse and the house swept & cleaned immediately following the rental unless indicated differently in the original rental agreement.

3.) All GCF&G furnishings (wildlife mounts, art work, bulletin & menu boards, etc,) are to be left in place and not tampered with.

4.) The GCF&G has no phone service available to renters.

5.) Renters and their guests are not allowed to fish, participate in and / or interfere with any other ongoing activity that is being provided by this organization for our membership unless they are members themselves, at which time all club ground rules will apply. Guests should exercise caution at all times while on the grounds.

6.) The renter is solely responsible for making sure their guests conduct themselves in a satisfactory manner and that no personal injury or property damage occurs.



1.) Clubhouse Only $300.00 With Kitchen $350.00
  Deposit $100.00   $150.00
  Total $400.00   $500.00

2.) Shelter house $125.00
  Deposit $75.00
  Total $200.00


1.) Clubhouse Only $175.00 With Kitchen $200.00
  Deposit $25.00   $50.00
  Total $200.00   $250.00

2.) Shelter house $75.00
  Deposit $0.00
  Total $75.00

A: Deposit must be paid 30 days prior to the date of rental. The remainder must be paid before you will receive full access to the facility. NO POST DATED CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

B: There will be a 25% penalty charged for all cancellations unless otherwise determined by the house committee.

C: All rental fees are based on 8 hours usage. Extra charges may be levied by the house chairman for any additional time up to midnight. No additional time will be given beyond 12:00 am.

D:* A full deposit will only be returned if the house is cleaned, undamaged, and is left exactly as it was found. Otherwise a cleaning fee may be assessed and the deposit forfeited.

E: Security must be provided by non-members while using any of the club's rented facilities, as the renter will be held legally accountable for the conduct of the persons in their party and financially responsible for any damage that might occur.

F: Non-members who rent the clubhouse or shelter house are not permitted to use any other club facilities. They do not receive the privilege of using the lakes, ranges, campgrounds, etc. with a clubhouse rental. All renters must be aware of what is taking place at the club on the date of their rental and must not interfere themselves or allow their guests to interfere with any club activities, i.e. waterfowl hunting, upland hunting, work parties, and etc.

Note: Member rental requests and rates will only be granted to members and/or their immediate family members, and only for events at which that member and renter will be present. All other rental requests shall be handled as a non-member rental and fees will be charged accordingly.

* Proper cleaning of our facility will include wiping the tabletops, emptying all trash cans, sweeping and mopping the floors, and cleaning restrooms. Individuals renting the kitchen must clean and put away all utensils and equipment that has been used.




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Clubhouse Kitchen



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