Submission Guidlines


Please make sure you read and understand the following guidelines.

Photo submissions must include - Your name, membership number, who is the picture, the approximate month and year and general location of where the photo was taken, and a short description of the image. This should include any caption you wish placed under the photograph. An example would be: “Member John Doe with Trophy Marlin, off the coast of Miami FL, April 2007

The main subject of the photograph (other than the trophy) must be a member, or their spouse, children, or grandchildren, of the Greene County Fish and Game Association.

Photos must be sharp focused, correctly exposed, in natural color, and properly composed. Do not add borders, frames, watermarks, signatures, or copyright notices. Do not add or replace elements in an image (i.e. Photoshop).

GCFNG reserves the right to crop or resize, images for content or fit.

Photo Subject Matter - Photos must be in good taste and should reflect utmost respect for fish and game animals and reflect the positive aspects of our outdoor sports and heritage.

  • Images should be taken in the natural environment and not show blood, entrail piles, tongues hanging from mouth, or unsafe firearm handling.
  • The visible presence of beer or other alcoholic beverages is not acceptable.
  • People in the photograph should be composed in a manner that shows respect for the fish or animal trophy, no 'humorous' antics, carcass manipulation etc.
  • Hunters in the photographs should be shown wearing the appropriate hunter safety apparel or have it nearby visible in the frame.
  • Be aware of your background and what is around you. Place the trophy in a natural setting, with field, woods, or water as a background.
  • Photographs of animals draped or tied over the hood or on the bed or tailgate of a vehicle will not be accepted, Photographs of trophies suspended from trees, scales, wenches, booms, etc. are not acceptable, except in the case of large game fish.
  • Firearms posed with the Trophy should be shown with the muzzles pointing in a safe direction, unloaded, with the actions open, (unless firearm type prevents it). Archery equipment should also be shown a safe manner.

Digital Image Requirements - Digital images can be submitted via e-mail. Images should be no larger than 600 by 450 pixels and no smaller than 300 by 225 pixels. Images should be submitted in JPG at high quality.

Disclaimer- Greene County Fish and Game Association (GCFNG) retains sole discretion as to what constitutes inappropriate content and what images will be posted. GCFNG reserves the right to remove any photograph at any time. GCFNG reserves the right to limit the number of submitted photographs posted by a single member.

You must be the sole owner of the copyright of any image submitted. Your submission of the photo is your guarantee that you are the author and copyright holder of the photo.

Photographers retain the copyright to their photographs.

By submitting your photo, you agree to have your submitted photograph displayed on the GCFNG Web site without any fee or other form of compensation.

Your submission of the photograph to GCFNG is your assurance that all persons included in the frame, (and in the case of minor children, their parent or guardian), have granted you their permission for the photograph to be used by GCFNG.

GCFNG may make and retain copies of the photograph for archival purposes.

Photos may be used in other GCFNG publications or venues, such as brochures or other printed or electronic materials for educational or promotional purposes without credit or acknowledgement of your copyright holder status.

Please e-mail your submission as an attachment to



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