Camping units must be registered with Campground Chairman prior to entry to the grounds. Registration shall consist of the following required items:

  1. A completed Campground / RV registration form dated and signed by the member
  2. A completed Storage Agreement (may be combined with registration form)
  3. A completed Greene County Fish And Game Fire Protection Equipment Agreement (may be combined with registration form)
  4. A copy of the Camper Units Title, in the Members name.
  5. Payment of the Security Deposit
  6. Payment of the monthly Campground Fee

The storage agreement and campground / RV registration form will include:

  1. the member's name, address, and phone numbers
  2. a description of camper which will include the  VIN and model number
  3. the campsite the camping unit is registered to

The links to the right takes you to the Campground Registration Form, and the Penalties for Non Payment Form, both of which need to be filled out signed and dated and returned to the Campground Chairman, or Treasurer. the Online version can be filled out on your computer then printed and signed.

Online Campground Registration Form

Printable Copy Online Campground Registration Form

Printable Copy Penalties for Non Payment Form




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